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Bakery Case Lighting

When customers walk by the bakery department, there are two things that catch their attention. First, the smell of the fresh baked goods and second, the sight of all those wonderful, yummy looking products that fill the bakery display case.

"We bought a new bakery case a couple of years ago and were having trouble with the discoloration and fading of the products. We contacted our distributor to try to find a solution and they recommended Promolux. Before we started using Promolux, our products would fade in 1 day - and it was terrible. But now - with Promolux, we have no trouble with our products, which are lasting 2 or 3 days. We've saved so much these past 2 years."
Craig Mangold (Owner) Holiday Market, Royal Oak, MI

Bakery Departments that Really Appeal

Imagine the lighting in your display case is just some normal everyday bulb. Have you ever thought about the impact this regular lamp is having on your bakery department? Well, you should.

The Impact of Lighting on Freshness & Quality

Your customers may notice the smell wafting from your bakery department but if the bread looks yellowy and is rock hard, chances are the customer will think twice about placing that item in her basket. The type of lighting you use in the bakery department plays a very crucial role in the freshness and quality of your product.

All the delicate cream fillings and icings that decorate your cakes and pastries deteriorate and lose their vibrant colors under regular lighting. Color distortion of icing and cakes not only represents a significant dollar loss for the retailer but also indicates a more serious problem with the display lighting and the impact it is having on the products on display.

Regular light also affects the fragrance and flavor of your fresh baked products. All the time and energy that went into creating such delectable treats is wasted when they are displayed under inferior quality lighting.

Discover the 4 Ways Regular Lighting Affect Bakery Goods:

  1. Regular lighting produces excessive heat and UV emissions.
  2. Regular lighting accelerates pathogen growth.
  3. Regular lighting produces off-flavors and discoloration in foods.
  4. Regular lighting results in photo-degradation of bakery goods.

The Lighting Solution for Bakery Departments

The only way to combat this problem is to install specialty-merchandising lamps like Promolux food safe lighting, which reduces UV radiation and protects the shelf life of all your bakery goods. Bakery display cases that use Promolux lamps are able to show the true vibrant colors and freshness of all the breads, cakes, donuts, muffins and pastries on display.

What's even better is knowing that Promolux lamps earn the highest Color Preference Index (CPI) ratings.

To learn more about the advantages of installing Promolux lamps and how you can greatly enhance your bakery department displays call us toll free in North America at 1-800-519-1222 or contact us by email.